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Adding and Managing Team Members

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Sharing your Appbot account with your colleagues has many benefits. Inviting colleagues from your own team or other teams within your company will maximize the value your company gets from Appbot.

The best thing about adding additional team members is that everyone can:

  • track their own unique set of apps,
  • use all the features of the company’s Appbot plan,
  • create their own Custom Topics and Dashboards and see those created by other team members,
  • set up their own Appbot email alerts,
  • see and manage Tags created across the team.

Teams who get the most value from Appbot typically share their account with at least 2 additional team members. You can invite anyone in your company (on the same email domain) to join your Appbot account.

What roles & permissions does Appbot offer?

Before we get started inviting your colleagues to Appbot, a quick note on how our roles and permissions work.

Appbot aims to keep roles and permissions very simple. There are two roles: Team Members and Team Leaders. Team Leaders are completely unrestricted. Think of them as Admin users.

A Team Member can do just about everything a Team Leader can do EXCEPT:

  • add and remove other Team Members
  • manage translations for the team and
  • manage the subscription and billing settings for the account.

Now for the fun part. Lets Add A Team Member:

  1. Team Members can be invited from the Team page at the right side the top navigation.
  2. Enter the business email addresses of the team members you want to invited and define their access level as ‘Member’ or ‘Leader’, then press ‘Send Invites’. They will now appear in the ‘Pending Invites’ list until they accept the invitation.
    how to choose your team member's access level screenshot
  3. The new Team Members then need to accept your invitation, which should be sitting in their email inbox within a few minutes. 

Troubleshooting Team invites

If your invitee doesn’t receive their invitation email:

  1. Be sure to get them to check their spam and junk folders. If it’s not there;
  2. Check the Pending Invites list on the Team page to see who is currently awaiting acceptance of their invite.
  3. You can manually invite someone to the team.
    how to manually invite someone to your team screenshotJust click ‘Share Link’ next to their name in the Pending Invites table, copy the link you’re given and send it to the invitee by whichever channel you prefer! When they follow the link their invitation will be accepted immediately if they already have an Appbot account, or as soon as they follow the prompts to create an account if they’re a new team member.

Great work! You’re halfway there.

Now that you have added some new team members, let’s try removing some

Please note: Dashboards and Custom Topics are linked to the team member who created them. Make sure to copy any Dashboards or Custom Topics before removing a team member. 

Head to the Team page again and use the trash can icon next to the team member you wish to remove. This will result in their account will losing all paid functionality immediately. From there you can add a new team member to replace them.
how to remove team members screenshot

Top marks!

Now let’s make someone a team leader

Promoting or changing the status of a team member can be helpful if someone from the team leaves your company, or a new champion of the product takes over. Life is full of changes, so we aim to help you change with it. 

In order to promote one of your Team Members to a Team Leader, just click on the ‘Make Team Leader’ button next to the team member.

how to make team members a team leader screenshot

A dialogue box will appear asking if you’re sure, press ‘Confirm‘ if you are. When you promote someone to Team Leader, they will be able to perform all the actions the original Team Leader can. This includes managing other team members, control of the subscription and billing settings and the power to promote and revoke other team leaders (including yourself).

warning message screenshot

When you’re ready, move on to mastering the tracking and management of your team’s sources.

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