Changes to Fetch Frequency

We’ve made some changes to how you receive weekly or daily app store reviews, based on feedback from our awesome customers. In a nutshell, we’ve made fetch frequency work the way everyone expects! You can now get review emails daily, and integrations updated continuously, if your plan offers it.

Here are the headlines:

 Your Appbot account and any Integrations will automatically receive reviews continuously, if your plan allows it…

To get daily app store reviews sent through to any of our integrations like Slack or Freshdesk, they will now be sent through continuously if you’re on a plan that supports it. You no longer need to manually change your fetch frequency to continuous to make this happen.

Continuous review fetching is available on the Chart Topper plan. If you’re on the Startup or Growth plan you will continue to receive your reviews daily.

To check the settings for your integrations head to Integrations, then click through on any service where you have integrations configured.


Click “edit” below any of your integration rules, and on the next page you’ll see the setting that’s currently in use.


…but you can still get daily app store reviews via emails once a day 🙂

Previously if you wanted to have your integrations updated continuously you would receive reviews by email continuously too. This made for a very noisy inbox! Many customers told us that they wanted reviews in Appbot and integrations to be updated continuously, but they wanted the reviews sent in a single email daily.

So that’s what we’ve built. You can control how often we email you reviews for each app, independently from how often we fetch you’re reviews – yay! ?

To manage how often you receive review emails head to the Manage Apps screen. You’ll see that the Fetch Frequency setting is now “Review Emails”. Use these drop-down menus to turn off review emails, or change between daily and continuous emails for each app.


If you have any questions about getting daily app store reviews or any other areas of Appbot, please get in touch with us at