Sending iOS & Google Play reviews to

Appbot automatically groups your app reviews making it easy to spot trends in bugs, crashes, feature requests and more. While this information is easily accessible from the range of intuitive features and tools within the Appbot system, it can also be automatically posted to Desk with our app reviews Desk integration!

Setting up an integration with makes the management of your app store reviews  part of your support workflow. We’ll automatically post your reviews as tickets in Desk. Appbot will also add some labels to each review. You can use these labels for filtering in your Desk account, so you can be sure the right people are seeing the right reviews.

Desk app review

Just follow the quick steps below to try our integration out.

Setting Up A Desk App Review Integration:
  1. To set up this integration, navigate to the ‘Manage Apps’ tab from the top navigation bar.
  2. Find the app you want to set up the integration for in the list and press on the (+) button beside it
  3. Find Desk from the list of integrations and press on the blue ‘Add Integration’ button
  4. Next, head over to and login to your account
    Desk app review
  5. From the main menu at the top left, choose Admin
    Desk app review
  6. Click on the settings cog on the top right of the page
    Click On The Settings Cog
  7. Choose ‘API’ from the Settings menu
    Choose API From The Menu

  8. Click on the blue ‘Add API Application’ button
    Press Add API Application
  9. Enter in the following information and press ‘Add’
    Information To Enter
  10. Copy your ‘Key’ and ‘Secret’ then press on the ‘Your Access Token’ button
    Copy Key and Secret
  11. Copy your ‘Token’ and ‘Token Secret’ and press ‘Close’
    Copy Token and Token Secret
  12. Head back to Appbot, enter your Desk subdomain, paste the information you copied in and press ‘Authorize’
    Paste Info To Appbot
  13. Tell us which reviews you would like sent through to Desk and press ‘Save’. You can choose to send reviews for specific countries/languages, Topics or Custom Topics by selecting the ones you want.
    Setup Which Reviews To Send
  14. Congratulations, you’ve setup a Desk app review integration!

    The next time we collect your reviews, we’ll send the ones you selected to your account as tickets. Click here for more information on when you can expect your new reviews to start appearing in your new integration.

If your reviews don’t come through as expected, check within your Desk account for a filter that might be hiding them from you! Google Play reviews will also contain quick links to reply to your customers!
Use the same secret

Here’s how your reviews will look when we send them to Desk:
Single Review

If you need any further assistance with our Desk app review integration, don’t hesitate to contact us at or check out our FAQ section here.