Enterprise Settings

Appbot Customers on the Enterprise plan have access to account level settings to control translation settings and single sign on settings for their whole team.

Enterprise Settings can be found in the left hand navigation from the Manage Apps page or the Team page.

At the top of the page you will see two tabs, Translations and Single Sign On (SSO).


The first tab that you will land on is the Translations tab. Here you have the ability to control which apps have translations enabled and disabled for your entire team – this acts as an override for how translations are usually controlled.

To control translations, flip the switch on at the top of the page.

Once the switch is turned on, you’ll see the apps list in the background come into focus and you’ll be able to toggle translations on and off for each individual app.

Remember, any changes made here will affect everyone in your team, and only you will be able to make changes to which apps get translated reviews and which do not.

Translation settings for your team can be changed by any team leader.

To revert back, simply flip the master switch at the top off to give your team control of their own translation settings again.


Single Sign On (SSO):

The second tab at the top is Single Sign On (SSO), which allows you to use your own authentication server for signing into Appbot.

If you require SSO functionality, contact our support team by clicking on the Contact Us button on the screen and we’ll help you get setup.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@appbot.co with any questions about review alerts or check out our FAQ section here.