Analyze sentiment & text in Satismeter NPS responses

Satismeter offer NPS survey tools, to help you collect feedback from users to help you to improve your business.

You can now use Appbot to understand the sentiment, word and topic classifications in your Satismeter responses, via Zapier. Adding your Satismeter feedback to your voice of the customer analytics has many benefits.

Benefits of analyzing Satismeter responses with Appbot

NPS scores are really useful in showing you broad trends in how your customers think you’re doing. However, to get maximum value from your NPS surveys you need to dig deep into the comments users make. Satismeter comments often contain important feedback on your product, pricing, customer service, UX and more.

In short, the Satismeter score can tell you how you’re doing in the market. The comments explain why you’re getting that score and help you spot ways to improve.

Analyzing your Satismeter comments with Appbot can help you understand:

  • Trends in sentiment towards your product or service
  • Which Topics are being mentioned the most often
  • How your customers compare you to competitors

These deep insights into how customer’s feel really help to surface opportunities for improvement and growth.

Use Appbot to analyze Satismeter comments alongside app reviews, support tickets and more, to get a holistic overview of the voice of the customer for your product or service.

To get started read on for detailed instructions:

How to import Satismeter comments into Appbot via Zapier:

To set up this integration you’ll need an Appbot account and a Zapier account. Zapier offers a free tier so you can test out your zaps without incurring any cost. Simply head to your Zapier account and hit Make a Zap! Then….

  1. Choose Satismeter as the Trigger
  2. You’ll then see a screen that shows the options for the trigger. In this case there is only one. Hit continue. 
  3. If you haven’t already connected your Satismeter account to Zapier you may be asked to do so.
  4. Follow the prompts to test your connection between Satismeter & Zapier. Zapier will look for a recent survey response. Once successful, you’ll see a list of action apps.
  5. Search for Appbot as the action App and select it from the list.
  6. From the Appbot action list, choose “Create New Comment”.
  7. You will be asked to connect your Appbot account, then authorize Zapier to access your Appbot account data.  Hit Authorize. 
  8. In the original window, Zapier should now indicate you have successfully linked your Appbot account. Choose “Save + Continue”.
  9. You will now be prompted to select which custom source you would like your data to be imported into, and to map the fields from Satismeter into Appbot’s various fields.
  10. Select the custom source you created earlier, in your Appbot account. If you haven’t created the Custom Source in Appbot head to the Custom Data Sources page in Appbot. Hit Add Source beside Zapier, and name your source, then refresh the Zapier page. Your new Custom Data Source should now appear in the list, for you to select.
  11. For each of the subsequent fields, map them to a Satismeter field if you want to import them.
    *Note: The Rating field in Appbot only supports scores from 1 to 5 at present. We recommend importing the NPS score into the Body Subject field in Appbot instead. 
  12. Once you’re happy with the mapping of fields click Continue.
  13. You then have the option to send a test row to your Custom Source. Click “Send Test To Appbot” and verify it appears in Appbot as desired, like this:
  14. Click Finish in Zapier, and give you Zap a name. Make sure you turn the Zap on if you want it to run.

Next time you receive a new response in Satismeter it will automatically appear in Appbot. You can measure changes in Sentiment, see which Words and Topics are trending, or create your own Custom Topics and Dashboards. Watch our complete Appbot Demo video for a full walk-through of each feature, in under 10 minutes.


Our Zapier integration is new and we’d love your feedback. Please feel free to reach out to with both questions and feedback, any time.