Importing data from Google Sheets

Many of our customers use Google Sheets to capture, organize and store various types of customer feedback. Appbot offers natural language processing and sentiment analysis for Google Sheets, so you can analyze any feedback data you have in Google Sheets alongside your app reviews, support tickets and any customer feedback you import into Appbot.

Connecting one or more Google Sheets to Appbot will mean any feedback you store in Google Sheets is automatically imported into Appbot. Once you have set up your Google Sheet as a source in Appbot you’ll be able to:

  • see Sentiment trends over time
  • instantly see which words are most common in your Google Sheet
  • group your Google Sheets data by Topics, Tags and Custom Topics
  • view Google Sheets data as a stand-alone data source, or report on it as part of your overall Voice of the Customer program

You’ll need an Appbot Large plan (paid or trial version) or higher to use Appbot’s sentiment analysis for Google sheets.

How to import Google Sheets spreadsheet rows into Appbot:

  1. Head to the Manage Sources page and click ‘Add New Source’
    Add new Appbot source
  2. Select ‘Google Sheets’
    Add Google Sheets source
  3. Link your account
    Link your Google account
  4. Choose your Google accountChoose your Google Sheets account(You can use any Google account with access to the spreadsheet you’d like to import. If you use GSuite then we recommend creating and using an account specifically for Appbot.)
  5. Click ‘Allow’ so Appbot can read your sheets
    Grant Appbot permission to read your Google Sheets
  6. Paste your Google spreadsheet (ID or URL), then click ‘Next’Select your Google Sheets spreadsheet
  7. Give the source a name and select the sheet to extract data from (i.e. the tab in the Google Spreadsheet)
    Tell us how to find feedback in your spreadsheet
  8. We will process each row in the spreadsheet, so tell us if the sheet has a header row so we can skip it
    Indicate whether the sheet has a header row
  9. Tell us which columns to map to which field in Appbot
    Map sheet columns to Appbot fields
  10. Check the preview, then click ‘Create Custom Source’
    Check the mapping then add the source
  11. All done! You’ve connected your Google Sheets spreadsheet to Appbot.
    Finished adding your Google Sheets source
  12. Click the new source name and you will see your Google Sheets data looking something like the example below!


If you need any further assistance on setting up the Appbot Google Sheets integration, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions. We would love your feedback on this new feature!