Sentiment & text analysis for UserVoice suggestions

Using the Appbot UserVoice Integration

The Appbot UserVoice integration allows you to automatically import user suggestions from UserVoice forums into Appbot. View and analyze the sentiment and content of UserVoice suggestions alongside app reviews, support tickets, social media and other user feedback in Appbot.

Once you’ve integrated Appbot with UserVoice you will be able to:

  • see Sentiment trends over time in your suggestions
  • instantly see which words are most common in your suggestions
  • group your suggestions by Topics, Tags, Custom Topics
  • view UserVoice data as a stand-alone data source, or report on it as part of your overall Voice of the Customer program

You’ll need an Appbot Large plan (paid or trial version) or higher to use this integration.

How to import UserVoice comments into Appbot:
  1. Browse to the Add New Source page:
    Add new Appbot source
  2. Select UserVoice:Add UserVoice source
  3. Select “Link account”:Link UserVoice account
  4. Open a new browser window to your UserVoice admin site (
  5. Browse to “Settings > API keys”:UserVoice API keys menu
  6. Add a new UserVoice API key called “Appbot” (1), trust it (2), and submit the form (3):Add UserVoice API keyUserVoice API key form
  7. Make a note of your UserVoice API key and secret:UserVoice API key details
  8. Supply your UserVoice details back in Appbot and click “Add”:
  9. Now you have linked your UserVoice account, pick the UserVoice forum you’d like to analyze:Appbot UserVoice forum picker
  10. Appbot will already have started to analyze the existing suggestions in your UserVoice forum, but to receive new data you need to make a note of your Appbot webhook URL:Appbot webhook URL
  11. In the UserVoice browser window, browse to “Settings > Integrations > Service hooks”:UserVoice service hooks settings
  12. Add a custom service hook (you will either see an icon that says “Web Hook” or a link “Add custom web hook…”):

    ORAdd UserVoice service hook

  13. Configure the custom service hook to deliver new suggestions to your Appbot webhook URL as JSON:Configure UserVoice service hook
  14. Test your custom service hook:Populated UserVoice service hookSuccessful UserVoice service hook test
  15. That’s it! You’ve connected your UserVoice forum to Appbot and will shortly be able to analyze the suggestions inside Appbot. Your UserVoice suggestions will show up looking like this on the reviews page:UserVoice forum suggestions in Appbot

If you need any further assistance on setting up the Appbot UserVoice integration for your user suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions. We would love your feedback on this new feature!