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How does Appbot work?

Appbot saves you time analyzing app reviews from all major stores and product reviews from Amazon to show you what users think of your product or brand.

We aggregate reviews for all countries from the Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Windows app stores. Choose to monitor your own apps as well as your competitors – no authentication with the app stores is required.

Once you’ve set up your app reviews we’ll start analyzing the data and generating results. We’ll keep these results updated for you in almost real time, so you can dip in and take a look at any time.

We make it easy for you to stay informed about what your customers are saying. Here’s how:

  • You can access your data inside your Appbot account, or let us push the reviews to you via email or one of our integrations like Slack.
  • We analyze reviews & feedback comments and automatically generate reports on user sentiment and review content. You’ll find all the feature requests, bug and crash reports and design/UX issues for an app grouped together, and so forth.
  • Appbot will automatically create beautiful visualizations to help you share customer feedback across your organization.

You can find more information and a video demo of Appbot here

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