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What are the features of Appbot?

The key features of Appbot are:

  1. Reply to Reviews – from within Appbot, your developer console, or many popular CRMs
  2. Sentiment Analysis – Appbot’s proprietary sentiment algorithm is designed specifically for app & Amazon reviews.
  3. Monitor App Ratings & Reviews – Automatically aggregate your reviews & ratings across all the major platforms.
  4. Natural Language Processing – Use our machine-learning driven tools to understand the content of your reviews. See trends in bug reports and feature requests in a few clicks.
  5. RESTful API & Webhooks – programmatically interrogate your reviews to build custom reports or connect to third parties like Tableau.
  6. Integrations – Send app reviews to messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, or to CRMs like Zendesk so that your team can respond to customers faster.



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