What’s the difference between Ratings and Reviews?

“What’s the difference between Ratings and Reviews?” is our most frequently asked question, by far!

Ratings are a star score from 1-5 stars that may or may not also contain a review.

A Review has a star rating as well as a text comment.



This leads to our 2nd most frequently asked question:

Q: Where in Appbot can I find star ratings that match the app stores?

A: To see numbers that match what you see in the app stores head to the Ratings page in Appbot. All other pages in Appbot and emails from Appbot analyze Reviews only.

Every other page of Appbot looks at reviews only. If you compare the stats from these other pages with the app stores you’ll generally see different figures. In general there are far fewer reviews than ratings for any app. The average star rating for reviews will also usually be different to the average star rating for ratings.

Here’s an example using Fortnite on iOS. We see identical ratings and average stars on the Ratings page in Appbot and on the App Store. Make sure you have the same country selected in Appbot (in the filter pane on the right) as you do in the App Store. You can see the country you’re in in the App Store at the very bottom of the page.

However, if we head to any other page of Appbot we’ll see different numbers.

On the Reviews page we see 4960 reviews, which is much lower than the figure we saw on Ratings.

There are two reasons for this:

  • There are filters set at the right of the page that have been applied. The Reviews page is only reporting for 90 days in this case, wheras the Ratings page is showing all data since September 2017 (the date of the launch of the new App Store).
  • On this page Appbot only counts reviews with text.

If you have questions relating to this, or any other part of the Appbot service, please get in touch with us at support@appbot.co.