What’s the difference between the Large and Enterprise plans?

The Large plan offers up to 20 seats, and optional API access (extra fee). Large plans are credit card only, and available to purchase directly from our Choose A Plan page.

Enterprise plans start from 20 seats, and offer optional API access also. Enterprise plans are customized to each customer, and can scale up to hundreds of seats, sources (apps, Amazon products etc) or extra translations. Enterprise plans offer some extra features:

  • Invoice billing – rather than paying by credit card this means we will accept a purchase order and invoice you in line with your procurement process.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – use your SAML 2.0 compatible SSO provider to login to Appbot. SSO services are used by large companies to manage team member access to software. Examples include Okta, OneLogin, Gsuite and many more.

To enquire about an Enterprise plan please contact us here.

Please note:

  • Both Enterprise and Large plans are subject to Appbot’s terms of service as standard.
  • Appbot cannot offer invoice billing on the Large plan.