Exporting Amazon Reviews


Export Amazon Reviews

With Appbot, you can easily export Amazon reviews as a CSV so that you can create your very own charts and reports or import your review data into other systems.

Depending on which Appbot plan you’re on, there are various ways you can export Amazon review data.


1. Downloading Your Amazon Reviews
  1. To download your Amazon app reviews as a CSV, head over to the Reviews” page from the main menu.
  2. Apply the necessary filters at the top to refine the review list to only show the reviews you are interested in.
  3. Press “Export” then choose “CSV” to export your Amazon reviews.


2. Downloading Topics & Custom Topics
  1. Head over to either “Topics” or “Custom Topics” from the main navigation.
  2. Click on the “Export” button above the list of Topics to export a Topic Summary of your Amazon reviews.

Or to download a particular Topic, just click into the Topic you want to download from the list. Adjust the filters and press on the “Export” button.

3. Downloading Reports

Another way to export Amazon reviews as a CSV is by downloading one of our pre-configured reports. From the Export CSVs tab, you can download a range of pre-configured reports for multiple apps/products at once, and for any date range you require.

We offer the following reports:

  • Stars by Date
  • Stars by Date & Country/Language
  • Stars by Version
  • Ave Stars by Country/Language
  • Review Volume by Date
  • Review Volume by Date & Country/Language
  • Stars by Device
  • Ratings by Date
  • Interesting Words
  • Popular Words
  • Critical Words
  • Topics Summary
  • Custom Topics Summary
  • Custom Tags Summary
  • Reply Stats
  • Reply Stats by Date
  • Export Reviews


Downloading these reports is easy:

  1. Click the Exports link in the sidebar.
  2. Choose which apps or products you would like included in the report.
  3. Adjust the date filter.
  4. Press Download CSV next to the report you need.


Feel free to contact us at support@appbot.co with any questions about exporting Amazon reviews or check out our FAQ section here.