Improvements to Appbot Sentiment: How it works

How to Use Appbot Sentiment

In recent months Appbot has been working on big improvements to our sentiment analysis.

We’ve built a new AI from the ground up and trained it on almost half a billion records. It’s more accurate, especially on languages other than English. The new sentiment analysis has been designed to work well with Appbot custom data sources (currently in beta).

Appbot custom data sources allow you to use Appbot to analyze other sources of customer feedback, like social media and support tickets. You can also use Zapier to push data into Appbot from thousands of apps!

How Appbot’s new Sentiment works

All Appbot accounts now show the new sentiment results. On the Reviews page, the new results look like this:

​This replaces the old scale from Delighted to Angry. It’s more robust, especially for the different data sources we now support.

What each Appbot Sentiment category means

Here’s a brief description of each category of sentiment:

  • Positive Sentiment: The comment is mostly positive.
  • Negative Sentiment: The comment is mostly negative.
  • Neutral Sentiment: The comment lacks any strong sentiment.
  • Mixed Sentiment: The comment has mixed or conflicting sentiment. 

If you have any questions about the new Appbot sentiment analysis or custom data sources, feel free to email us at