Analyse Your App Store Rating With Appbot

Appbot Ratings is the page in Appbot that counts every app store rating your app has received, whether they contain text or not, whereas all of the other tools in Appbot only analyse reviews that contain a text component.

The Ratings page analyses your app store rating for iOS and Google Play apps only.


For iOS apps, you can use the dropdown in the filter pane on the right to select which country you would like to view metrics for. 

Only global metrics are available for Google Play Apps.

Current Ratings

Information in the Current section refers to what is currently shown in the iOS store. This summary is based on the ratings of your app after September 19, 2017 or when you last chose to reset them.

Ratings Over Time

The brand new Ratings Over Time chart shows how your average app store rating is changing over time. It shows the total count of ratings and star count, absolute and stacked.

Keep in mind that while the stats panel at the top of the Ratings page updates in real time, the Ratings Over Time graph is updated approximately once per day. 

What if your Ratings Over Time Chart is blank?
App stores don’t provide ratings per day, Appbot has to collect the data and calculate it for you. We fetch data for all the top charting apps, but for smaller apps we’ll only start fetching and calculating ratings over time when someone starts tracking that app in Appbot.

How long will it take to show data?
We need a minimum of 5 data points for the chart to start returning data, so please check back in 5 days.

If you need any further assistance on Appbot’s app store rating tracker, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.