How is the Sentiment Score calculated?

The Sentiment Score is a score ranging from 0-100%, where 100% is optimum sentiment (very positive). We look at the same sort of things that the app stores look at when determining if your app deserves a feature or should rank in the app store. These include:

  • Volume of reviews for the time period.
  • Trend in review volume (whether it’s trending up or down).
  • Star rating of reviews that contain text.
  • Trend in star rating.
  • Ratio of positive, neutral and negative reviews.
  • Trend in the ratio of positive, neutral and negative reviews.

The sentiment score appears in two places in Appbot.

  • On the Sentiment page, in the Overall Sentiment widget:
  • On the App Stats section of the Compare page, in the Score column: 

You can find more information about how to use Sentiment in Appbot here