App Store Email Reports For Specific Markets

Most big app developers have their apps available in many different markets, and keeping on top of them all can get pretty hard to manage as the business grows.

Sound familiar…?

Well, what if we told you that Appbot can combine all the metrics you need into one easy-to-understand page, and can even send the latest copy of this information to you as a PDF as frequently as you like? An App Store email with everything you need in it. If you like the sound of that, read on!

In order to configure this App Store email, we are going to be creating a separate Custom Dashboard for each market, applying filters to the widgets on each dashboard to only show data from that particular market, and then scheduling those dashboards to be periodically emailed to you.


Part 1 – Creating a Custom Dashboard for your market:


  1. To create the first Custom Dashboard, head over to ‘Dashboards’ and press on the ‘Create New Dashboard’ button.
  2. Give your new dashboard a name and press ‘Create Dashboard’ . (we suggest naming it something to do with the market you’re building it for)
  3. Pick widgets from the left hand side that you want to track in the market you’re creating the dashboard for and press the ‘Add Widgets’ button. (Tip: You can hover over the widgets to preview what they look like!)
  4. Congratulations, you’ve created your Custom Dashboard, but we’re not done yet! We now need to configure the widgets you added to only show data from that particular market ???? Right, here’s now…
  5. At the top right of each widget you’ll see a pencil icon, click on the first one.
  6. Choose your market from the Country dropdown and hit Done. (You can also refine the widget in other ways here too if you like, by star rating, topic or version for example)
  7. Do this for each of your widgets. Once done, you’ll have a dashboard for that specific market! All you need to do is repeat this procedure for each market you’re interested in keeping track of.



Part 2 – Get a PDF of your Dashboard emailed to you:


But it doesn’t stop there, if you’d rather not have to login to check the Dashboards you’ve just created, you can schedule them to send to you with all the latest data on whatever frequency suits you! Here’s how…

  1. From the top of your dashboard, press on Scheduled Reports.
  2. Turn on the ‘Email me a PDF’ switch, choose which day’s of the week you’d like the app store email s to be sent along with the time of day, choose how much historical data you want in the email and hit Done!
    Woohoo, you’re new Dashboard is all setup and will be sent to your email inbox whenever you chose, keep an eye on your inbox ????.


If you need any further assistance on App Store email, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.