Export App Reviews Data to CSV


Export App Reviews Data

Appbot allows you to easily export aggregated app reviews data as a CSV so that you can create your own charts and reports or import your reviews into other systems.

The options to export app reviews  that are available to you depend on the plan that you’ve chosen.


Downloading Reviews
  1. To download your app reviews as a CSV, head over to “Reviews” from the main menu.
  2. Apply the necessary filters to refine the review list to only show the reviews you are interested in (or leave it as it is to export them all).
  3. Press ‘Export All’ to export app reviews.

The downloaded CSV will contain the following fields:

  • App Name
  • App Store
  • App ID
  • Review ID
  • Country or Language
  • Version (if available)
  • Star Rating
  • Date
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Translated Subject
  • Translated Body


Downloading Topics & Custom Topics
  1. Head over to “Topics” or “Custom Topics” from the navigation.
  2. To download a Topic summary, click on the blue “Export” button above the list of Topics to export app reviews.
  3. To download a particular Topic, click on the Topic you want to download from the list.
  4. Adjust the filters at the top if you wish and press the “Export All” button.
Downloading Reports

Another way to export app reviews as a CSV is by downloading one of our pre-configured reports. To do this, head to “Reports” from the navigation and press “download (CSV)” next to the report you want.


If you need any further assistance on how to export aggregated app reviews, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@appbot.co with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.