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Azure AD SSO Configuration

Azure AD is secure and seamless access for all your users and apps – from any location, using any device, which can be integrated with your Appbot Premium account.

The first step is to set up Appbot in your Azure AD organization.
In SAML terminology, what you will be doing here is configuring Azure AD(your SAML Identity Provider or “SAML IdP”), with the details of Appbot (the new SAML Service Provider or “SAML SP”).

  1. In the Azure control panel, navigate to Azure Active Directory, then choose “Enterprise applications” in the sub-sidebar.
  2. In the header, choose “New application”.
  3. In the “Add an application” pane, choose “Non-gallery application”.
  4. Name the application “Appbot” and click “Add”.
  5. Inside the app’s control panel, click “Single sign-on” in the sub-sidebar, and then choose “SAML” inside the pane.
  6. In the configuration panel shown, click the Pencil icon within the “Basic SAML Configuration” box.
  7. Enter the following information, replacing “your_org” with the name supplied by Appbot Support;

    Identifier: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/metadata
    Reply URL: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/consume
    Sign on URL: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/sign_in

    Then click the “Save” button, and the “X” to exit the panel.
  8. In the configuration panel, click the Pencil icon within the “User Attributes & Claims” box.
  9. Firstly, click the “…” button next to each of the listed Claim Names (except the one named “nameidentifier”), and choos “Delete”.

    Secondly, choose the Pencil icon next to “Name identifier value”, and set the Name identifier format to “Email address” and the Source attribute to “user.email”.

    Thirdly, use the “Add new claim” button to add the following two claims;
Name Namespace Source Source attribute
User.FirstName Leave blank Attribute user.givenname
User.LastName Leave blank Attribute user.surname

Then click the “X” to exit the panel.

10. Click the “Download” button next to “Federation Metadata XML”, and supply the downloaded XML file to Appbot Support to proceed.

If you need any further assistance with Azure single sign-on or any of Appbot’s other single sign on solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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