Weekly Summaries in Slack

When you send your app reviews to Slack you can also choose to have the weekly summary sent to Slack as well. The Review summary sent to Slack includes a range of data for the selected period:

  1. Sentiment Score: this is taken from the Sentiment page and is the score for the selected period.
  2. This is the average stars for the reviews in the selected period. It is taken from the Reviews page or the Sentiment page.
  3. The number of reviews for the selected period, which is available from the Reviews page or the Sentiment page.
  4. The star count for the reviews for the selected period taken from the Reviews page.
  5. The Delighted score is taken from the Emotions analysis shown on the Emotions page.
  6. Popular Words are taken from the Words page.
  7. Common Topics are taken from the Topics page and show the most common topics for the selected period.

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