Feb 2015: User Sentiment, CSV exports, Teammates and more…

Hey there! It’s been a while – hope you’re having an awesome 2015 so far.

2014 was a massive year for us at Appbot. Within 3 months of adding our new Premium features like support for Google Play and other stuff you’ll read about below, we’ve got the attention of some big names like Disney, American Express, Etsy, and Zynga.

What made these companies sign up to an Appbot Premium subscription? Take a look at the list below…

Understand user sentiment at a glance

Our customers told us that whilst the push format of Appbot review data is awesome, it takes time to filter through it all. Most customers we spoke with about solving this problem said that they wanted to be able to understand how users were feeling about their apps by viewing some quick metrics, and only drill into the reviews that interested them.

The result? We built the Sentiment Dashboard. Use the Appbot Sentiment Dashboard to:

View a quick reference of whether user sentiment was positive or negative overall
1 - Sentiment


See the trend in volume and average star rating of reviews over time, by country or by version

2 - Trends

Use the Word Cloud to quickly surface bugs, feature requests, complaints or positive feedback. The Word Cloud gives you a visual representation of the most commonly used words in your reviews, and allows you to drill directly into the reviews containing a specific word just by clicking on it.

3 - Word Cloud

The Sentiment Dashboard allows you to filter this data by country, version, date range, or view only reviews that contain a particular word
And yes, this means you can now get this data about any competitor apps you track too. Got an account already? Find out what your customers think of your app right now!

Export all of your review data to CSV

A number of our customers told us that they require their data in CSV format to allow them to do things like import it into their business intelligence software, cross reference it with other data they can get in CSV format or simply generate charts the way their boss likes. CSV exports can now be downloaded from the Sentiment Dashboard by following the steps below, or from the Reviews page for any app you track.

4 - Export

This feature is available on our Chart Topper plan, and you can get a sample of the CSV export here.

Slice your review data quickly and easily

Quicker, more granular reports are now available on the Reviews page. Only want to look at 1 star reviews for the current version of an app? No problemo. Here’s how:

5 - Slice

You’ll be taken straight to the Reviews page, which looks like this:

6 - Filter

Send reviews directly to Slack, Trello and Zendesk

Make your customer’s voice even louder by pushing the relevant reviews into Slack, Trello or Zendesk automagically! It takes a matter of seconds to set up some quick rules to push reviews to these systems. Here’s where you can find the links to do so:

7 - Integrations

You’ll be asked to authorize the service, select which reviews you want to push (by star rating), and then just sit back and wait for them to appear!

Share Appbot with your teammates

Appbot is now for teams. We know you’re awesome on your own, but we bet you’re even more fabulous if you share your Appbot data with your team 🙂 You can now add teammates to your account so that each will be copied on all your Appbot emails. Learn how below:

8 - Recipients

By popular demand: Annual plans

You can now save big with Annual plans. Lock us in for 12 months and we’ll give you 2 of those months for nada! See the savings here.


Sounds like a lot, right? …. Wrong! This is just the beginning. We’re constantly listening to customers, building and shipping, and we would love to know what would make Appbot even more useful for you – I hope you’ll leave us a comment or send us an email to let me and the team know what you think we should build next.

Thanks for your support… Now buckle up and enjoy the ride with us!

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