November 2018 – Zapier integration now publicly available!

Get data in and out of Appbot via Zapier – no code required.

Today we’re announcing the launch of a new partnership: an Appbot Zapier integration!

Zapier allows Appbot users to connect hundreds of apps to Appbot. Using Zapier opens up new integration possibilities for Appbot customers, without the need to write any code.

You can use our Appbot-Zapier integration in 2 different ways.

Use Zapier to push customer feedback into Appbot

Zapier makes it possible to send all kinds of customer feedback in to Appbot as a Custom Data Source.

Here are some popular custom data sources that customers are connecting to Appbot, via Zapier:

  • NPS comments from tools like Satismeter, Ask Nicely or Survey Monkey.
  • Support tickets and cases from CRMs like Salesforce, JIRA and AgileCRM.
  • Comments on your company Facebook page.
  • Facebook Recommendations your product or business receives.

Once you set up a Custom Data Source in Appbot you can analyze the feedback in that Data Source in the same way you analyze your app reviews. Measure changes in sentiment over time and spot trends in complaints, so you can take action on the feedback customers are giving.

Post your app reviews to hundreds of services, via Zapier

Want to send app reviews to a service that Appbot doesn’t have a direct integration for?

Zapier opens up hundreds of additional apps that you can connect, to receive your app reviews. Here are some popular examples:

  • Create custom email alerts for new reviews – filter by stars, topics and more.
  • Automatically send your new reviews to a Google or Excel sheet, rather than exporting them manually.
  • Post new reviews to an internal messaging service Appbot doesn’t support natively, like Mattermost.
  • Send reviews that match your chosen criteria to JIRA, your CRM, or business intelligence software.

To learn more about the Appbot Zapier integration¬†check out our support guide, where you’ll find Zap templates and links to detailed support guides for our top Zaps.