July 2017 – Team features & App Pins

Latest Changes To Appbot:


Collaborative Working Within Teams

In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve been working hard this month to give your Appbot Teams a more ‘teamly feel’. After chatting to a few customers and figuring out what would make a real difference to the simplicity and collaborative feel of Appbot Teams, we’ve built the following upgrades that are already live for you to enjoy!

  1. Team Apps
    To make things a little easier, you’ll now see your Team Member’s apps below your own on the Manage Apps page. From there, you can then add your Team’s apps to your own app list to track! Click here to learn more.
  2. Custom Topics are now shared amongst your Team.
    It became apparent to us that often members of Appbot Teams create virtually identical Custom Topics. So with this update, when Custom Topics are created, the whole team will be able to see and use them! Only the original creator can alter the Custom Topic, but if you click “Copy” beside it, you’ll get your very own duplicate version to modify!
  3. Team Leaders can now manage each-others invites.
    Team Leaders now have more control of the Team, with the ability to resend or cancel Team invites sent by other Team Leaders.

App Pinning

You can now pin the apps you analyze most so they appear at the top of your apps list throughout Appbot. Click the pin icon next to any of your apps. This will move those apps to the top of your list throughout Appbot.

TIP: If you track both yours and your competitors apps, it’s a good idea to pin your apps, so they stay grouped together at the top!

New On-boarding Workflow

We’ve made some tweaks to our setup process to get users up and running quicker and easier than ever. Learn more here.

A Few Name Changes

  • “Custom Dashboards” has been changed to “Dashboards”
  • “Reports” have become “Exports”

Bugs Squashed 

  • Added more Windows Store countries.
  • Fixed a bug with replies on Windows Store authenticated reviews.
  • Fixed ratings over time graph bug when low change per day occurred.

Latest Videos 

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@appbot.co with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.