July 2018 – Custom Data Sources, Zapier Integration & Complete redesign

We just released the biggest update to Appbot ever. We’ve added custom data sources and a whole lot more integrations via Zapier. We’ve also redesigned the product for easier navigation. Here’s the low down:

Analyze any text feedback source with Custom Data Sources

We are so excited about Custom Data Sources! So many of our customers are in “Voice of the Customer” roles or have told us that other teams in their organization would love to be able to analyze their feedback, and today they can.

We’ve spent the last 18 months heavily investing in AI and machine learning. Now any organization can seamlessly and quickly analyze the feedback trends of any large body of text feedback, including help desk tickets, social media messages, and over 1000 other data sources via Zapier.

If you’re on the Large plan or higher you can find out how to get started here.

1000+ Integrations Via Zapier

We get asked a lot about different integrations like Salesforce, Jira, Google Sheets and so on. Now these are all possible via Zapier! Learn how to use our Zapier integration here.


We’ve moved the filter bar and app picker to the right of the screen for a much more consistent feel across pages. The Compare and Export pages are also in the left hand menu now. This paves the way for some really cool stuff that’s coming soon. Log in to Appbot to check it out – all users have access to it now!

If you’re not on the Large plan and you’d like to try Custom Data Sources or Zapier out please drop us an email to support@appbot.co.

It’s been a huge effort by our entire team and we are really excited to see you start to use our new changes. Please let us know what you think.