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Comparing app store data to Appbot review data

This article is to help when comparing app store data to the data visible within Appbot.

What App Store Data We Capture

Appbot captures your app reviews from all countries for each app store that we support.
The data we collect for each review is as follows:

  • App name
  • App store
  • Date stamp
  • Star rating
  • Reviewer’s User ID
  • Review text

For Google Play apps, we also capture and display your developer console replies if you are on the Large plan.

What App Store Data We Don’t Capture

Most of Appbot’s analysis tools don’t analyze star rating only reviews, where the user has given a star-rating but has not left a text review.

Our mission is to make your app review data actionable and useful. Star-rating only reviews don’t offer any deeper insights into what users love or hate about an app, and since our mission is to make review data actionable, we don’t include them.

You can, however, get a high level overview of your star rating from the Ratings tool, You can find more information here.

Why The Review Count In The App Store May Differ From Appbot

There are several reasons why the numbers of reviews you can see on the public app store page for an app might be different from the number of reviews you see for the same time period in Appbot:

  1. Appbot doesn’t include ratings without a text review.
  2. If you’re on daily fetching, you’ll find that the number of reviews per day might differ a little from the app stores because we don’t measure the same 24-hour period.
  3. On continuous fetching, you may see small discrepancies because there can be a delay between a user leaving a review, and Appbot being able to fetch it for you.
  4. Some App Stores have a public review date and a developer review date – we display the public review date.
  5. Some App Stores only show reviews for individual countries, whereas Appbot looks at ALL countries by default.

If you need any further assistance on comparing app store data to Appbot data, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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