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GSuite SSO Configuration

Configure an Appbot SSO Integration with the GSuite

Follow These Steps To Complete The SSO Authentication:

  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console at admin.google.com to setup the SSO integration.
  2. Click Apps > SAML appsWhere is it?
  3. Select the Add a service/App to your domain link or click the plus (+) icon in the bottom corner.
  4. Click Setup my own custom SAML App.
  5. The Google IDP Information window opens and the Single Sign-On URL and the Entity ID URL fields automatically populate.
  6. Download the IDP metadata by clicking Option 2 > IDP Metadata > Download.
  7. In the Basic Application Information window, call the SSO authentication application “Appbot”
  8. Click Choose file next to the Upload Logo field to upload a PNG or GIF file to serve as an icon. Suggested file; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2DnTWyVsMN0WFZNWVoxdHhlcjA/view.
  9. In the Service Provider Details window enter the following, replacing “your_org” with the ID supplied by Appbot support;

    ACS URL: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/consume
    Entity ID: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/metadata
    Start URL: https://app.appbot.co/sso/your_org/saml/sign_in
    Signed Response: Unchecked
    Name ID: Basic Information / Primary Email
    Name ID Format: PERSISTENT

GSuite SSO Configuration Step 4

  1. Click Next.
  2. Click Add new mapping and add the following three mappings with the exact capitalization specified;

    User.email Basic Information Primary Email
    User.FirstName Basic Information First Name
    User.LastName Basic Information Last Name

    GSuite SSO Configuration Step 5
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Go back to Apps > SAML apps.
  5. Select the new Appbot app.
    At the top of the gray box, click More and choose:

    1. On for everyone to turn on the service for all users (click again to confirm).
    2. Off to turn off the service for all users (click again to confirm).
    3. On for some organizations to change the setting only for some users.
  6. Send us the IDP metadata downloaded in step 6.

If you need any further assistance on Appbot’s SSO Integration or SSO Authentication, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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