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How to purchase additional sources?

The number of sources you can track depends on your plan.

  • Small – 5 sources
  • Medium – 40 sources
  • Large & Premium – 100 sources

The Large and Premium plans allow you to purchase additional sources if required. Please note we cannot add extra sources to Small and Medium plans. If you would like to purchase more sources on a Premium plan please contact us.

To purchase additional sources on the Large plan

  1. Go to the Change my Plan page.
  2. Select your current Large plan and payment frequency.
  3. Enter the number of extra sources you require.
  4. Select the payment method. It will show you the cost of the subscription for the full period, either a month or year.
  5. Press “Continue to payment”. This will take you to the next page and show you the pro-rate costs if you are adding during a current subscription.
  6. Press the “Upgrade now” button.
  7. Once the payment has been successfully processed the additional sources will be available on the account.
  8. Grab your invoice from the Plans, Billing & Invoices page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or check out our FAQ section here

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