How To Monitor Keywords In App Reviews

Appbot makes it easy to monitor keywords in app reviews.

A lot of our customers find it useful to keep track of a specific keywords and phrases in their reviews. Popular choices include names of features, names of integrated apps or services, and names of competitors.

Appbot let’s you automate this process by creating a Custom Topic. Custom Topics automatically groups all the reviews, past and present, that contain any or all of the keywords and phrases that it’s been configured to look for.

Once you have set up your Custom Topics you can even use them as a filter for sending reviews to our integrations, like Slack and Zendesk. Click here to learn more about Appbot’s Integrations.

Setting Up A Custom Topic To Monitor Keywords & Phrases:
  • To set up a new Custom Topic, head over to the ‘Custom Topics’ page from the left menu.
  • press on the blue ‘+Add Custom Topic’ button monitor keywords
  • Give your new topic a name
  • Add some keywords and phrases, these are things that you want us to look for in your reviews.
    monitor keywordsExact Match Results
  • You can then choose to exclude some keywords and phrases if you wish. Reviews containing the keywords and phrases entered here will not show up in the results. Once done, hit ‘Create’
    monitor keywords


If you need any further assistance on how to setup a Custom Topic to monitor keywords and phrases, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

You can also click here to sign up for a free 14 day trial of Appbot and give Custom Topics a go for yourself!