March 2016 – Threaded Replies & Weekly Summaries in Slack

New things we built
  • Appbot now puts your replies on the Play Store into a nice tidy thread to make it really easy to keep track of conversations with your users. Check it out by clicking a review you’ve replied to on the Review Listings page for any of your Google Play apps (if you’re not replying to Play Store reviews here are 5 reasons why you should).


  • Weekly summaries now go to Slack as well as email, happy days! You can toggle them on and off for each of your Slack rules.


  • Countries reports make it super easy to see which markets you’re smashing (or not 🙁 ) It works for Languages on Google Play apps too.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.45.26 PM

  • On the Reports page you can now export basic stats about replies to Google Play reviews… If you don’t reply to your reviews already now’s the time to start.
  • Got your own Hipchat server? We support them now, and integrations to private servers are just as easy to set up.
Things we fixed
  • On Review Filters and Topics when you tried to filter results using the filter bar…. nothing happened. Now the things you thought would happen actually happen 🙂