October 2016 – Microsoft Teams and lots more!

Latest Changes To Appbot:

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Already using Microsoft Teams? Now you can get your app reviews pushed to your Microsoft Teams account!
Click here to read more.

New Stuff on Chart Topper plan

Uh huh, free stuff! We’ve added a couple of cool things to the Chart Topper plan. If you’re on Chart Topper (that’s you, people on trial) you now have access to:

  • Scheduled Reports: Built a Dashboard? Now you can get it sent to you on a schedule you define. Learn more, or create a dashboard!
  • CRM Deep Links: Configure deep links to your own CRM, to search for reviewers you’ve already been in touch with. Learn more.


Words in Topics

This has been one of our most requested features, and as the name suggests, is best described as the Appbot Words dashboard, within individual Topics. How this works is when you click into a Topic, you can then analyse word trends for that particular Topic. Within each Topic, you’ll now see the following word clusters:

Simplified Team Member Invites

Now when you invite a new Team Member to join your Appbot account, you can send them a direct link to accept the invite instead of accepting the one emailed to them. Now when you send the invite, you’ll see a button next to their email address in the ‘Pending Invites’ table called ‘share link’. Press this button, copy the link you’re given and send it to your invitee any way you like.

Topics Have Been Upgraded

We’ve done a huge update to our Topics algorithm to drastically improve the accuracy of how we match a review to a topic. If you’ve not used topics before, now is the perfect time to start as they’re more accurate than ever. Click here to read more about Appbot Topics.

Emotions Have Been Upgraded

The Emotions dashboard was starting to look a bit dated, so we gave it a makeover to bring it inline with the rest of Appbot. Similarly to Topics, we’ve also upgraded our Emotions algorithm to be more accurate. Click here to read more about Appbot Emotions.

Basic and Advanced Reports

Our users told us they were having trouble working out which reports fell into the category of ‘Basic Reports’ and which fell under ‘Advanced Reports’ . To solve this we’ve shuffled the Reports page around a bit and added in titles to indicate which reports are Basic and which are Advanced.

Bugs Squashed
  • Are you an Internet Explorer user? Shame on you. We’ve released a bunch of fixes to make your life easier.
  • We fixed a very minor version filtering issue on custom dashboards where filtering to ‘previous version’ for an app that didn’t have any previous versions caused it to crash.
  • We also fixed a bug where turning translated review emails on triggered them to send to your whole team, even if other team members had them turned off.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@appbot.co with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.