September 2016 – Dashboards: schedule & export to PDF

Latest Changes To Appbot:


The Unicorn Plan

We’ve been working hard on the newest addition to the Appbot plan family and are happy to announce the new Unicorn Plan, which is packed with powerful new features and tools to analyse and report on your app reviews. Check out full details and pricing here.


Scheduled Reporting

Got an awesome Custom Dashboard built that you would like to have emailed to you periodically? With our latest round of upgrades to Custom Dashboards that’s exactly what you can do! Scheduled reporting is available on the new Unicorn Plan.

Export Your Custom Dashboards As PDF

After receiving a lot of feedback from our users that while they love Custom Dashboards, they really need a way to export the information to bring to meetings or to send around the office. To solve this problem, we’ve built in a PDF export button that let’s you save your Custom Dashboards as PDFs.

Deep Link Your CRM

Deep linking your CRM means you can search your customer database for a user who left a particular review with a click of a button! This is available on the new Unicorn Plan. Learn more about CRM deep links here.

Free Text Widgets For Custom Dashboards

Need to add some notes to your Custom Dashboard? Now you can with our new free text widgets!

Widget Clickthrough

With our latest update to Custom Dashboards, not only can you see all your important data in one place, but you can also click through in key areas where you might want more detail. There’s a lot of clickable options so have a click around and see for yourself 🙂

Fetch Frequency Changes

We’ve made some changes to how fetch frequency works, based on feedback from our awesome customers. In a nutshell, we’ve made fetch frequency work the way everyone expects! You can now get review emails daily, and integrations updated continuously, if your plan offers it.

Bugs Squashed
  • Non-latin alphabet characters weren’t rendering nicely in your exported Dashboards. Now they work!
  • Dashboard filters were working just fine on Dashboards, but they were vanishing when you exported or scheduled the export of a Dashboard. They stay put now 🙂
  • Fixed some tooltip sizing weirdness that was happening on the Dashboards.
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