How To Use Topics

Topics lets you easily see what the most common themes are in your app reviews, and helps you to see which parts of your app users are loving and which parts they are having issues with.

Topics are the things your users are talking about the most in your app reviews and are ranked from most popular topic to least.

Next to each topic you can easily see how many reviews have been classified into that topic and a breakdown of how many mentions were positive how many were negative.

At the top of the Topic list you’ll see a button that allows you to click through to Custom Topics, where you can create your own topic based on a bunch of keywords / phrases that are important to you. You’ll also see a button which will let you  Export a topic summary.

Clicking on any from the list will show you the reviews that have been grouped into that topic and a timeline showing whether your customers think you’re improving in this area or not.

You can flick between the tabs at the top to view the summary, trend pattern or the average stars timeline.

Exporting a Topic Summary

To download a Topic summary, click on the “Export” button above the list of Topics.

Exporting a Topic

To download a particular Topic, click on the Topic you want to download from the list.

Adjust the filters at the top if you wish and press the “Export” button.

Highlighted in yellow is the particular component of the review that earned it a place in this category.

If you have hundreds (or even thousands) of reviews in a single topic, it might be a good idea to refine the results by applying the filters at the top of the screen. For example, you might like to focus in on either happy or unhappy users by filtering the star rating to show only 5 or 1 star ratings.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on what the top two or three Topics for your app, and of course any you see that are specifically important to your business.
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