How To Use Compare

The Appbot Compare Apps page gives you a high level overview of the apps you’re tracking on Appbot. You can use it for comparing the performance of your apps, or benchmarking against competitors. Just select the apps you want to look at from the filter pane on the right to compare the sentiment score, star rating, trend and review volume..

Comparing Your Apps:

At the top of the page, you will see a graph which displays either Review Volume and Review Stars. You can toggle between by using the labels at the top of the chart (item 1 below).

Open the filter pane on the right to select different apps, change the date range or filter by Topics or Tags (item 2 below).

Add and remove apps from the chart by clicking on the eye icon beside each one (item 3 below).

App Stats Table:

Below the graph, you’ll see a simple comparison table listing all your selected apps. You can click on any app name or sentiment score from the table to go to the Sentiment page for that particular app for a more detailed analysis.

If you’re tracking a lot of apps, you might want to view the table in order of a particular metric (column). By clicking on any of the headings, you can re-order the table according to that metric or score.
To export the data in this table, just click the “Export CSV” button at the top right.

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