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How to use Reply in Appbot

Video Demo of Reply in Appbot

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to reply to reviews in Appbot.

What is Reply In Appbot?

Reply in Appbot allows you to reply to iOS and Google Play app reviews from within Appbot – no need to visit the console! This feature is available on the Large plan and higher.

Members of your Appbot team can therefore use Reply in Appbot to reply to reviews without having access to App Store Connect or the Google Play Developer Console.

To start using Reply in Appbot you must first link your Appbot account to App Store Connect and/or the Google Play Developer Console. Once these connections are configured, follow the instructions below.

How to use Reply In Appbot

  1. On the Reviews page you will see two different reply options: 'reply in appbot' or 'reply in app store' location screenshot
  2. Choose Reply In Appbot, and you will see a dialogue box appear where you can enter your reply:reply in appbot dialogue box example screenshot
  3. Hit “Reply” in the bottom right corner. Be patient, it can take some time for the reply to be posted in the app store (this varies between app stores).


If you don’t see the “Reply to Review” option for each review, first check that it is included on your Appbot plan. If you are on a supported plan but still don’t see the “Reply to Review” link on the Reviews page you need to connect your Appbot account to your App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console account. You can find instructions for connecting to each app store below:

Be sure to follow the instructions exactly. Once the relevant account(s) is connected and replies are enabled (we’ll prompt you to do this) you will see the “Reply to Review” link below each review on the Reviews page for that app.

If you need any further assistance on linking the Google Play developer console, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our  FAQ section here.­­­­

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