How to use the Manage Apps tab for app store review tracking

The Manage Apps tab is the control centre for app store review tracking in Appbot.
At the top of the page you will see buttons to add more apps from each particular app store if you wish.

My Apps

Below this is your app store review tracking list which shows you all the apps you are tracking. Here you can see the apps you’re tracking, adjust settings, pin apps or remove your existing apps by clicking on any of the trash can icons to the right of your apps.
You can select multiple apps by checking the boxes to the left to make bulk edits. This allows you to delete several apps at once, or apply the same setting changes to more than one app (such as translations and review email frequency).

Pinning Apps
Clicking the pin icons next to any of your apps will move those apps to the top of your list throughout Appbot.

Next to each app you’ll see the ‘translate’ column. Flipping the switch next to any of your apps controls whether we translate the reviews for that app into English for you or not. This is useful for plans with only a limited number of translations per month.

Review Email Frequency
The manage apps page is also where you set how often you’d like us to send through review emails for apps you’re tracking.

  • With Continuous enabled, we will email you your new reviews as soon as we fetch them.
  • With Daily enabled, we will email your new reviews we’ve fetched for that app in one daily batch.
  • With Daily Digest enabled, we will email your new reviews to you daily in one combined email for all the apps you’ve set to daily digest.

If you would like get app store reviews sent to Slack, Zendesk, Hipchat, Desk, Trello, Freshdesk or Yammer, you can set it up by clicking the plus button under the ‘integration’ column for each app. Setting each one up only takes a few minutes and you can configure multiple integrations to communicate to different parts of your organization if you wish.

Team Apps

Below the My Apps list, you’ll find the “Team Apps” list. Here you will be able to see all of the apps your fellow team members are tracking.

By default, your Team Leader’s apps will be selected from the dropdown. But you can change it to view the apps of your other team members, or apps from “All Team Members”
Beside each app, you have the option to add that app into your own list of tracked apps, just press “Add To My Apps” . You can also add all of the apps in the list to your collection of tracked apps by pressing the blue “Add All To My Apps” button at the top of the list.

If you need any further assistance on app store rating tracking, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.