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Sending Appbot Data to Business Intelligence Tools

Building Your Own Appbot Integrations

The Appbot REST-ful API let’s you send your app review and ratings data to business intelligence tools and CRMs.

Our API offers the ability to fetch your reviews across all major app store platforms from a single source, from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Mobile & PC stores and the Amazon App Store.

You can then push these reviews into systems you use every day. Cross-reference the app review data you get from Appbot with other data sources or push reviews into CRMs and business intelligence tools that Appbot doesn’t have a native integration for.
business intelligence tools

Why Integrate Appbot With Your Business Intelligence Tools?

  • Find out what Topics are popular in your app reviews
  • See how Topics and Custom Topics for your apps are changing over time
  • Track app review Sentiment
  • Extract reports on popular Words in your reviews
  • Create your own alerts
  • Track changes in app star rating
  • Measure changes in review volume
  • Monitor changes in review sentiment …Or any other data point Appbot collects for your reviews

API Pricing

The Appbot API is available as an add-on for Enterprise plan users, for a simple flat monthly fee. Contact us for more information about pricing.

If you need any further assistance on configuring the Appbot SSO Login, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about integrating Appbot with your business intelligence tools or check out our  FAQ section here.

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