How to Use Words

As the name implies, the Appbot Words page analyzes all of the keywords in your app reviews. It presents data that shows how frequently each word appears, the patterns in how often it is being used and a breakdown of the sentiment for reviews containing that word.

At the top of the page you will see 6 tabs; Interesting, Popular, Critical, Trending Up, Trending Down and New. We’ll explain each one below.


The Interesting tab shows a collection of words that we think you might find interesting to drill into. We’ve filtered out common stop words (e.g. “the”) plus our own expanded list of words that aren’t generally useful.

Clicking on any word in the list will take you to the reviews that mention it.
Reading reviews that include Interesting words can help you identify important trends that are occurring in only a small portion of your total reviews.

The Popular tab shows you the 10 words that are most common in your reviews. This helps you to identify the most common themes in your app reviews.

Words that are very similar (like used, uses and useful) are grouped together for a more accurate representation of prevalence. Hovering over a word will show you the groupings. The Popular word ‘Change’ is used in the example below.

You will be able to see the positive and negative breakdown for the reviews that mention each word, the frequency of mentions and a timeline to show you trends in mentions.


Next, the Critical tab is a quick way to find scary stuff in your reviews. This can help isolate bugs and crashes, so you can quickly locate and fix problems in your app faster.

Click the on words like ‘error’ and ‘crash’ to see the reviews that mention that word.

The Trending Up tab shows you words that are being mentioned more frequently in your app reviews. This could indicate that a recent update has caused problems for your users, or that your competitors have recently launched a feature your users expect you to have too.

The Trending Down tab shows the words that have been appearing less frequently in your app reviews lately. This is a great place to check if your bug fix or feature addition worked!


The last tab is New. Here you will find words that have only recently begun showing up in your app reviews. Check here shortly after releasing an update to get on top of potential issues quickly!

Word Cloud

The Word Cloud allows you to analyze the sentiment for reviews containing specific words with a single click.

The colors represent the sentiment of reviews containing each word, green for positive and red for negative.

Stop Tracking Words

If you’d like to stop tracking a word on any of the lists above, simply click the ‘red cross icon’, next to the trend column.

To confirm the word removal, click the red ‘Stop tracking’ button for the word and its tracking data to be removed from your word list.

If you need any further assistance on analyzing words, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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