How To Use Dashboards

Where Are Dashboards in my Appbot account?
Dashboards appear in your list of Tools. Clicking on Dashboards takes you to your list of personal and team dashboards.

You can create, edit and delete your own Dashboards, however you only have view access to your team-member’s dashboards in the table below.

If you want to make changes to your Team dashboards, just press the ‘Copy To My Dashboards’ button to the right and you’ll get your very own duplicate copy which you can modify however you wish.

How To Build A Dashboard

Creating a new dashboard is easy:

  1. Press on ‘Create New Dashboard’ button in the top right corner of the Custom Dashboards page.
  2. Give your new dashboard a name and press ‘Create Dashboard’
  3. Pick a few widgets from the left hand side to add to your new dashboard and press the ‘Add Widgets’ button. Tip: You can hover over the widgets to preview what they look like!

Congratulations, you’ve learnt how to build a custom dashboard and your new dashboard has been created! You’ll be immediately taken to your new dashboard. You’ll also see that it has appeared the dashboards list under “My Dashboards”.


Adding Widgets To Your Dashboard

The next part of how to build a custom dashboard is adding widgets. To add a widget, navigate to the dashboard and press on the blue ‘+ Add Widget’ button at the top of the screen.

Renaming & Applying Filters To Widgets

Each widget on your custom dashboard can be renamed and filtered to only show data for a particular country, app version or star rating.

To edit a widget, press on the filter icon at the top right of it.

You will then see a few different options for the selected widget. At the top, you’ll be able to change the name by typing a new one in the box.

Filter By App:
Below the name, you can click the source dropdown to update the source of the widget. This will allow you to show different sources alongside each
other in the same dashboard.

Once a new source is selected, the widget will show the app and store icon in the top left:

Other Filters:
Then further down you can adjust the filtering for that particular widget to only show data for a particular country, source version, topics or star rating.

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, press the green ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the window.

Viewing Your Dashboard Fullscreen

Want a full immersive dashboard experience? Press the fullscreen button!

Re-arranging Your Dashboard

Don’t like where your widgets are on your dashboard? No problem! Just click in the top bar of any of your widgets and drag it to where you want it. Easy!

Duplicating Your Dashboard

Making a copy of one of your dashboards is also easy, all you need to do is navigate to the dashboard, hover over the more options button and click ‘Duplicate’ .

You’ll then get the option to enter a name for the new dashboard. Press ‘Create Duplicate’ once you’re happy.
7.6 Name duplicated dash

You’ll now have a copy of this dashboard in your dashboard list.

Removing Widgets From Your Dashboard

To remove a widget from your dashboard, press on the pencil icon at the top right of it.

Press the trashcan icon at the bottom of the window that pops up to remove that widget from your dashboard.

Your widget has now been deleted!

Clearing A Dashboard

To completely empty your dashboard, navigate to the dashboard, click the more options cog icon and click ‘Clear Dashboard’ .

Hit ‘Clear’ on the popup to confirm that you want to empty the dashboard of all widgets.

Deleting A Dashboard

To permanently delete one of your Custom Dashboards, navigate to the dashboard you wish to delete, hover over the more options button and click ‘Delete Dashboard’ .

Hit ‘Delete Dashboard’ on the popup that appears to permanently delete this Dashboard

Sharing Dashboards with your team

You will see all Dashboards that you have created at the top of the Dashboards page under “My Dashboards”.

Your team members will see the Dashboards you created under the “Team Dashboards” section, further down the page.

Only the creator of each Dashboards can edit it. If one of your team members wants to edit a Dashboard you created the only way to do this is to create a copy, and then edit the copy. They will then see both versions of that Dashboard – one in the “My” section and one in the “Team” section. This feature prevents other people altering your Dashboards without your knowledge.

If you want to collaborate on editing Dashboards with your team we suggest using a versioned naming convention, following this template: “Dashboard name v0.1” etc. If a team member updates the Dashboard they increase the version number on the copy they create. This way the whole team can see which version is most current.

Have Your Dashboard Emailed To You

Once you’ve created your Dashboard, you can schedule your dashboard to send to your email inbox on a regular basis.
Learn more about Scheduling your Dashboards here.

If you need any further assistance on how to build a custom dashboard, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.