Sending iOS & Google Play Reviews to Slack

Appbot Sends Your App Reviews To Slack!

Appbot can automatically send your iOS and Google Play reviews to Slack, making it easy to monitor how users respond to your product. You can easily filter the reviews you send to Slack by star rating, country/language or topic. This ensures that the content you share is relevant and useful. 

Our Slack integration can also be used as part of your customer support workflow. Every review shows a deep link so that you can reply to customers in the app stores quickly and easily.

Setting up a Slack integration in your Appbot account takes only a few minutes. If you haven’t signed up for an Appbot account yet, you can do so here.

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Setting up a Slack integration in Appbot is easy:
  1. Login to your Appbot account (click here for an account setup guide)
  2. Head over to the ‘Manage Apps’ tab

  3. Find the app you want to integrate with Slack in the list. Hit the (+) button under the ‘Integrations’ column.

  4. Find Slack and press on the blue ‘Add Integration’ button.

  5. Press ‘Add to Slack’.
    google play review slack

  6. Sign in to your Slack account.
    amazon reviews slack

  7. Choose which channel you would like your reviews posted to and press ‘Authorize’
    google play review slack

  8. Now you can set up which reviews you would like us to send through, and whether or not you would like your weekly summary sent to Slack. Press ‘Save’ once you’re done.
    amazon reviews slack

  9. Congratulations, you’ve setup your first Slack integration! The next time we fetch your reviews, we’ll post them in your chosen channel.

Each review we send to Slack will also contain quick links to reply to the user. You might also like to check out our guide on how to reply to your Google Play reviews.
google play review slack

If you need any further assistance on setting up Slack monitoring for your app store reviews, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions. You can also check out our FAQ section here.