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Sending iOS & Google Play Reviews to Microsoft Teams

Getting a clear picture of user sentiment and understanding your app reviews is easy with Appbot. Send selected app reviews to your Microsoft Teams account, so that you can keep your team in the loop. Set up takes only a few minutes.

Integrating your Appbot account with Microsoft Teams makes managing app reviews part of your support workflow. Once setup, we’ll post your selected app reviews straight to your Microsoft Teams account, complete with quick links to reply to your iOS & Google Play reviews.

To use our app reviews Microsoft Teams integration, you’ll need an Appbot account. Click here to sign up for a free trial if you haven’t done so already.

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Setting Up A Microsoft Teams App Reviews Integration:

1. To setup your first App Reviews Microsoft Teams integration, login to your Appbot account (click here for an account setup guide)
2. Head over to the ‘Manage Apps’ tab.
how to select 'manage sources' screenshot
3. Hit the (+) button under the ‘Integrations’ column for any of your apps.
how to add integration screenshot4. Find the Microsoft Teams app reviews integration in the list of Integrations and hit the blue ‘Add Integration’ button.select from list of integrations screenshot

5. Next, head over to your Microsoft Teams account, select the ‘Apps’ menu button.
microsoft teams account app menu screenshot

6. Search for and add the ‘Webhooks’ app.
search bar screenshot
7. Add the ‘Webhooks’ app to your Team.add webhooks screenshot8. Select your channel (your channel will be different, we picked “Appbot > General” as an example).select channel screenshot
9. Scroll through the list of connectors and press ‘Add’ next to ‘Incoming Webhook’.add 'incoming webhook' screenshot
10. Enter a name for the Webhook, upload an image to associate with data from the Webhook, and hit Create.how to name webhook screenshot11. Next, copy the Webhook that gets generated.webhook url screenshot

12. Next, head back to Appbot and paste the Webhook URL you copied into the box and press “Next”.where to paste webhook url screenshot

13. Now all you need to do is select which reviews you would like sent through to your new app reviews Microsoft teams integration and press ‘Save’.select reviews to send to integration screenshot

Congratulations, you’ve setup your first App Reviews Microsoft Teams integration! We’ll post your new reviews to your Microsoft Team account the next time we fetch them.

Your iOS & Google Play reviews will also contain quick reply links.

Here’s how your Microsoft Teams App Reviews will look inside your app reviews Microsoft Teams account!example of reviews in microsoft teams screenshot
If you need any further assistance on our app reviews Microsoft teams integration, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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