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Adding Your Team’s Apps & Sources

Welcome to the Team!

Appbot is designed to be a team platform, but with individual flexibility. Not everyone on your team will always want to track the same list of sources, but we make it easy to see what your colleagues are tracking and/or add the same apps to your Appbot account.

You can easily see which sources your team members are tracking by heading to the Manage Sources page and scrolling to the ‘Team Sources’ section at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve been invited to an existing team on Appbot, you will want to track at least some of the same apps as your teammates. By default, the Team Leader’s sources will be selected from the dropdown. However, you can toggle it to view the apps of other team members, or to view the apps from your whole team.

Let’s try adding some of your team’s sources.

  1. First, select a team member from the top of the Team Sources table.
  2. Click on ‘Add To My Sources’ next to the apps you want to track OR
  3. Press on the ‘Add All To My Sources’ button at the top of the list to track all team apps.

Great work! Now you’re on track.

When you’re ready, proceed to Integration setup.

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