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AI Replies: Personalized replies for app reviews via Chat GPT

Appbot now offers teams on an eligible plan the ability to generate responses to reviews using ChatGPT. This feature is perfect for teams who respond to a great number of reviews and are looking for a way to generate responses that are:

  • highly personalized and
  • unique, but
  • very fast and efficient to produce.

Eligible plans include Large and Premium plans, and the feature will be available when teams are replying to reviews from within Appbot.

What are AI Replies?

AI Replies in Appbot allows you to generate a reply to iOS and Google Play app reviews from within Appbot with a click of a button. This feature is available on the Large plan and higher.

Our AI-powered system uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the context and sentiment of each review and generate personalized, human-like responses that will delight your customers.

To start using AI Replies in Appbot you must first link your Appbot account to App Store Connect and/or the Google Play Developer Console. Once these connections are configured, then all you have to do is hit the button when in a review thread and your AI response will be generated just like that, easy!

Showing AI Reply


If you don’t see the “Reply to Review” option for each review, first check that it is included on your Appbot plan. If you are on a supported plan but still don’t see the “Reply to Review” link on the Reviews page you need to connect your Appbot account to your App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console account. You can find instructions for connecting to each app store below:

Be sure to follow the instructions exactly. Once the relevant account(s) is connected and replies are enabled (we’ll prompt you to do this) you will see the “Reply to Review” link below each review on the Reviews page for that app.

If you need any further assistance on linking the Google Play developer console, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.­­­­

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