Appbot Weekly Summary Email

Every week, Appbot will email you an insightful weekly summary to show how each of your apps has been performing in the app store over the past 7 days.

What’s In The Weekly Summary Email?

Recently we have made some big changes to the weekly summary email, including what data it contains and how the data is presented to make it even easier to interpret your app sentiment at a glance.

At the top of the email, you will see what date range the data shown in the summary is for.weekly summary

Below, you will see individual report cards for each of your apps, showing key information about that app’s performance over the last week. Information such as grade, review volume, average star rating, a breakdown of the ratings, popular words and the most common topics of the week.

The app that appears first was the app in your account that received the most reviews in the period, and apps below are ranked by review count in descending order.
weekly summary
At the bottom of the summary email, you will see a list of your apps that did not receive any reviews in the past week.
weekly summary

When Should I Receive My Weekly Summary?

We send your weekly summary out every Tuesday around 4pm UTC, so you can expect to receive it around then.

Which days are included?

The weekly summary emails contain data from the previous week’s Monday through to the following Sunday inclusive, UTC time.  The included days are shown in the date range at the top of the email.

How Do I Turn The Weekly Summary Off?

To turn off weekly summary emails, click on your account name and head to your Email Notifications page.
Then just toggle the switch next to ‘Weekly Summary’ .


Weekly Summaries In Slack

You can also send your weekly summaries straight to you Slack channels! Just follow the instructions here to setup a Slack integration.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.