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Creating Custom Topics

Have you ever thought it would be great if you could automatically track reviews based on certain phrases they contain? Well now you can!

Custom Topics, lets you automatically track reviews containing a custom group of keywords and phrases that are important to you.

In this advanced module we will teach you about How to set up a new Custom Topic.

So set aside some time to focus and strap yourself in.

Lets begin by Setting Up A New Custom Topic

  1. To set up a new Custom Topic, click the blue ‘Add Custom Topics’ button.
  2. Give your new topic a name – something you can recognize easily. In this example, we’ll create one for Shipping and Delivery via couriers. This is a popular Custom Topic for e-commerce users.
    custom topic name screenshot
  3. Add the keywords and phrases that you want us to look for in your reviews. We’re including some generic shipping and delivery terms, as well as the names of our major courier services for this product.
    adding keywords and phrases screenshot
  4. We’ll return results that match the plural of each word, but no other variations. For example “ship” and “ships” are automatically covered by this list, but we need to manually specify “shipping” and “shipped”. Note that keywords and phrases are NOT case sensitive – both “ship” and “Ship” will return identical results.
    TIP: We only return results that are an exact match to your keyword or phrase
  5. You can then choose to exclude some keywords and phrases if you wish. Reviews containing the keywords and phrases entered here will not show up in the results. We’re going to exclude the non-courier national postage services this product because we’re interested in mentions of shipping that relate to couriers only.
    excluding keywords/phrases screenshot
  6. You can also choose to match only reviews that have a minimum number of words. This is handy for excluding very short reviews that are light on meaning.minimum word count screenshot
  7. Next, you can choose if you’d like us to scan your translated reviews as well. Use this setting if your Custom Topic only uses English keywords, but you have reviews in other languages and have translations enabled.
  8. Keep an eye on the preview to quickly check that your topic will match the reviews you are expecting.
    results example
  9.  Once done, click ‘Create New Custom Topic’.
    create new custom topic button

Congratulations, your new Custom Topic has been created! Our bots will now begin checking your reviews for the keywords and phrases you chose. You will see the ‘Analyzing…’ bar while this happens.
analyzing barCheck back in a little while to see your results. How long it takes will depend on the number of reviews you have for our bots to go through.

Great work!

There was a lot to take in here so be sure to test everything out to ensure your Custom Topics work as required. If they don’t, then make sure you return to the Academy to review the lesson.

You’re now ready for the final lesson in the Appbot Academy; Getting set up to reply to iOS and Google Play reviews.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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