How To Use Custom Topics

Custom Topics (Previously Review Filters), lets you to automatically track reviews containing a custom group of keywords and phrases that are important to you.

Below your list of Custom Topics, you’ll see your Team’s Custom Topics. To make any edits to a Team Custom Topics you just press the ‘Copy’ button on the right hand side to create a duplicate version of the Custom Topic that belongs to you.

Setting Up A New Custom Topic

  1. To set up a new Custom Topic, press on the blue ‘+ Add Custom Topic’ button 
  2. Give your new topic a name – something you can recognize easily. In this example we’ll create one for Shipping and Delivery via couriers. This is a popular Custom Topic for e-commerce users.
  3. Add the keywords and phrases that you want us to look for in your reviews. We’re including some generic shipping and delivery terms, as well as the names of our major courier services for this product.
    We’ll return results that match the plural of each word, but no other variations. For example “ship” and “ships” are automatically covered by this list, but we’ve manually specified “shipping” and “shipped”.
    Exact Match Results
  4. You can then choose to exclude some keywords and phrases if you wish. Reviews containing the keywords and phrases entered here will not show up in the results. We’re going to exclude the non-courier national postage services this product uses, because we’re interested in mentions of shipping that relate to couriers only.
  5. Next, you can choose if you’d like us to scan your translated reviews as well. Once done, hit ‘Create New Custom Topic’
  6. Congratulations, your new Custom Topic has been created! Our bots will now begin checking your reviews for the keywords and phrases you chose. Check back in a little while to see your results, exactly how long depends on the amount of reviews you have for our bots to go through.


Exporting a Custom Topic Summary

To download a Custom Topic summary, click on the “Export CSV” button above the list of Topics.

Exporting a Custom Topic

To download a particular Topic, click on the Topic you want to download from the list.

Adjust the filters at the top if you wish and press the “Export All” button.

More About Custom Topics

Our customers commonly track things like the names of their main features, devices that users might be using with the app, or the names of the in-app purchases they offer.

Each Topic only needs to be created once per account, and can then be used across all of the apps you track.

Click on any of your topics from the list to see the full analysis.

You can flick between the tabs at the top to view the summary, sentiment timeline, trend pattern or any of the words clustering for that particular topic.

Press the ‘Export All’ button to download the reviews pertaining to that particular topic.

Use the Sentiment Timeline to understand sentiment and volume trends that are emerging in this Topic over time. Change the date and other filters at the top to expand or narrow your search results. 


Removing A Custom Topic
  1. To remove a Custom Topic, click the Edit button next to the topic you wish to remove

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the big red ‘Delete’ button.

  3. Your topic has now been removed!


Language Support

You can add Custom Topics in any language. You will also see English translations when you drill into the reviews in any of your topics. The filtering will only be applied to the original review, not the translated version.


Emoji Support

Yep, you can add Custom Topics to look for all kinds of emoji’s!


Using Custom Topics With Your Team

Custom Topics are specific to each user, so adding and removing topics will not affect any of your Team Members.

You will see all Custom Topics that you have created at the top of the Custom Topics page under “My Custom Topics”.

Your team members will see the Custom Topics you created under the “Team Custom Topics” section, further down the page.

Only the creator of each Custom Topic can edit it. If one of your team members wants to edit a Custom Topic you created the only way to do this is to create a copy, and then edit the copy. They will then see both versions of that Custom Topic – one in the “My” section and one in the “Team” section. This feature prevents other people altering your Custom Topics without your knowledge.

If you want to collaborate on editing Custom Topics with your team we suggest using a versioned naming convention, following this template: “Custom Topic name v0.1” etc. If a team member updates the Custom Topic they increase the version number on the copy they create. This way the whole team can see which version is most current.


Applying Custom Topics To Historical Reviews

When you create a new Custom Topic, we will go back through your historical reviews and find any matching reviews. If you edit a Custom Topic, the change will be applied to ALL historical reviews and, of course, to new reviews as we fetch them.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.