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How to Use Tags

Appbot Tags will be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. They can be used to manually group reviews together. Perhaps you want to mark a review for a colleague to look at, mark something to follow up later, or manually identify reviews about a tricky bug that can’t easily be grouped with a custom topic.

Remember how we said everything is better as a team? Tags are another great example, as they are shared with your whole Appbot team. When you or one of your team members creates a Tag you’ll all be able to see and use it.

Let’s try Tagging some Reviews:

  1.  Find a review you want to tag and press on the ‘+ Add Tag’ button.
    how to add tag screenshot
  2. Type the tag you want to attach to this review and select ‘Create Tag’.
    Tip: If you’ve already got some tags created you can just select the one you want from the dropdown as you type.
    create tag screeshot
  3. And you’re done!
    example of review tagged screenshot

Let’s try Reporting and Editing Tags

You can edit, delete and report on your tags from the Tags page.

  1. Navigate to Tags on the left menu (item 1).
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ cog icon to edit the tag name, or press the red ‘Delete’ button to delete the tag forever.
    how to edit tag or delete tag screenshot

Congratulations! You’re a Tag master. Remember, Tags are great for manually grouping reviews and feedback so that you can easily find them when you need them. Have a good think about the sorts of Tags you need, and then begin tagging your reviews.

When you’re ready, move on to Custom Topics – Appbot’s automated tool for custom groupings of your reviews.

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