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Tags, Topics & Custom Topics

Appbot offers several different ways, both manual and automatic, to help you group and classify your reviews using tags, topics and custom topics. Using them allows you to customize your Appbot workflow and gain deeper insight into your app.


Manually create tags to group reviews together based on their feedback. They are shared across your whole team. Tags are great to group reviews like a mention of a feature that is in your product roadmap. Learn all about tags in Appbot here. Learn all about tags in Appbot here.


Topics are generic themes across all apps such as Design & UX, Bugs and Customer Support. Appbot classifies the topics automatically. They are all set up and ready for you in your account. Topics show the customer sentiment, number and percentage of reviews that match the topic and the trendline for quick identification. Learn more about Appbot’s topics here. Learn more about Appbot’s topics here.

Custom Topics

Custom topics are like Topics, but they let you create your own topics, based on keywords/phrases relevant to your app. Custom topics can be defined using included words (including variations), excluded words and phrases, as well as word limits. This helps you narrow down exactly the reviews you need for greater insight into your app.
Like topics they then show you the customer sentiment and more. Once a custom topic has been configured, every new review will automatically be checked for a match as it is received.

Become a power user and learn more about Appbot’s Custom topics here.

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