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How to Bulk import Amazon products

Much like with our previous lesson on manually adding Apps to your Appbot account, you may be wanting to track a large number of Amazon products.

This feature comes in handy if you have a large catalog of Amazon products. This way you can Bulk Import your Amazon products to your Appbot account.

Depending on the size of your Appbot plan, you can import as many as 100 Amazon products. Even more if you reach out to us and we tailor a solution to your needs.

Let’s try Bulk Importing some Amazon Products into your account

  1. Login to your account, and head to the Manage Sources page.
  2. Click the‘Add Other Source’ button to add a new source.
  3. Next to the Product Reviews category, select the ‘Bulk Import’ button.
  4. Enter the URLs for all the Amazon products you want to add (one per line) and press Import Sources’.
  5. The import process will now begin, and you will receive an email when your Amazon products have been added!

Great work! It really is that simple. 

When you’re ready, proceed to the Dashboard creation lesson.

Feel free to contact us  with any questions, or check out our  FAQ section here.

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