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Ways to reply to reviews using Appbot

Replying to reviews is a valuable opportunity to get to know your customers and harness unsolicited feedback to improve your apps. Replying to reviews is important in keeping customers happy and engaged and has been shown to boost average star ratings. Appbot offers a variety of methods for replying to reviews, the methods available differ depending on the type of Appbot plan you are on.

Reply in Console

Appbot provides deep links to each review from the Google Play Developer Console or the App Store Connect console, so you can click on a review in Appbot and leave a reply for that review quickly and easily. You simply need to be logged in to your account in the relevant console.

Reply in Console is available on the following Appbot plans, and you can see full details on exactly how it works for Google Play here and for iOS here.

Small  |  Medium  |  Large  |  Enterprise

Reply in Appbot

Replying in Appbot is a premium feature that allows Appbot users to reply directly from Appbot itself – no need to head to the console to leave your replies. You will need to link the relevant app store developer accounts to Appbot in order to take advantage of Reply in Appbot.

This feature is available on the following Appbot plans:

Large  |  Enterprise

Reply in Zendesk

Reply in Zendesk is another premium feature that offers the ability to reply to reviews in Zendesk, without following a deep link to the app stores. You’ll see your replies as part of each Zendesk ticket, just like email and other support channels you reply to in Zendesk.

This feature saves your team hours each day and also means that each support agent no longer needs access to the app store consoles themselves.

This feature is available on the following Appbot plans.

Large  |  Enterprise

More Reply tools are coming…

Make sure you stay tuned to our Change Log for updates.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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