A Guide to Appbot Emails

There are several Appbot emails that users can elect to receive:

Review Emails

Review emails contain the new reviews you receive for your apps. Appbot lets you choose how often you’d like to receive review emails. This is what each setting means:

Continuous – we will email you your new reviews as soon as we fetch them for continual app analysis.

Daily – we will email your new reviews we’ve fetched for that app in one daily batch for daily app analysis.

Daily Digest – one daily combined email for all the apps you’ve set to daily digest.
Note: daily digest emails will only show a maximum of 50 reviews for app, and a maximum of 15 reviews per country per app.

Changing between the options can be done from the Review Emails drop down menu beside any of your apps on the Manage Apps page:
app analysis

At the top of your review email you will see your average star rating together with table showing how many of each star rating you received. Below this you will see some overall app stats we have for this app for a quick comparison to see if your review sentiment is increasing or decreasing.
app analysis


Weekly Summary Emails

Weekly Summary emails give you an insightful app analysis showing how each of your apps has been performing in the app store over the past 7 days.

At the top of the email, you will see what date range the data shown in the summary is for.Date Range

Below, you will see individual report cards for each of your apps. Report cards show key app analysis information about each app’s performance over the last week. Information such as grade, review volume, average star rating, a breakdown of the ratings, popular words and the most common topics of the week.

The app that appears first was the app in your account that received the most reviews in the period. Apps are then ranke din descending order of the count of reviews received in that period.
app analysis
At the bottom of the summary email, you will see a list of your apps that did not receive any reviews in the past week.Apps with no reviews

You can find out more in the full article here.

How Do I Turn The Weekly Summary Off?
To turn off weekly summary emails, click on your account name and head to your Email Notifications page.
Then just toggle the switch next to ‘Weekly Summary’ .app analysis

Scheduled Reports

app analysis

Appbot’s scheduled reporting lets you configure Appbot Dashboards to be delivered straight to your inbox as a beautifully formatted PDF report. These dashboards are easy to setup, can contain whatever Appbot data is relevant to you and allow you to perform your app analysis on a frequency that you determine.

To setup a custom report, you first need to build a Dashboard with all the widgets you want your report to contain – click here for a guide on how to setup a Dashboard.

Once you have your dashboard setup, all you need to do is choose when you would like the dashboard emailed to you as a PDF.
Click here for a complete guide on how to schedule reports.

Billing Emails

Billing emails are invoices that we send through to your provided billing email address when we charge your account.

To enable invoice emails, all you need to do is head over to your Plan & Billing page from your account dropdown.

Press “Change Billing Email” on the right hand side.

Enter your new billing information and press “Save Billing Details”



Appbot newsletter emails contain our latest feature releases and updates. We send these out periodically to keep you up to date on what we’ve been up to.

To turn newsletter emails on or off head over to your Email Notifications page and toggle the switch next to “Product Updates & Feature Announcements” on or off.

You can also see what we’ve been working on in the “releases” section of our support site here.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@appbot.co or check out our FAQ section here.