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Review Management For Large Volumes Of Reviews

Excellence in your review management is a key tool in making your apps more useful, beautiful and profitable. As app developers ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the difficulty of review management. Appbot, therefore, focuses on building tools that make managing and analyzing your reviews easy, no matter what the scale.

Here are five tips and tricks to help you focus on the important reviews first:

Check out Topics in Appbot to see what the common themes are in your app reviews. Topics are ranked from most to least commonly mentioned.
appbot topics dashboard screenshotDrill into each topic by clicking on it from the list.

Read through the first  5-10 reviews for that topic. Keep an eye out for a particular bug, crash, or feature request getting a lot of mentions. If you can’t spot any clear theme, apply a filter to only see 1 and 2 star reviews. This allows you to focus on the unhappy users, which makes it easier to spot problems.
review analysis screenshotRepeat this process for at least the top three to five Topics.

The Popular and Interesting Words tables on Words show you the most commonly mentioned words in your reviews. Interesting Words have been filtered to show you the meaningful words that are trending in your reviews. It’s particularly useful when reviews contain words specific to your app (e.g. names of features etc.) because these won’t be picked up by Appbot’s Topics 

The Sentiment column shows what percentage of the reviews containing that word are positive (green) and negative (red). Ideally your top 2-3 words should be mainly green. If they are red we recommend clicking through on those words to learn why!
appbot words dashboard screenshot

Review Management Tip 3 – Check Reviews About Bugs, Crashes & Performance

This is a key part of review management. There are a couple of quick ways to do this. For apps with a large volume of reviews, it’s best to check bugs and crashes separately to performance. You’ll find specific Topics for both Bugs and Performance to help you do this (see tip 1).
bugs topics screenshot
Another way to check this is from the Critical Words table on Words, which specifically looks for words in your reviews that you need to worry about.
critical words screenshot

Review Management Tip 4 – Read The 1-Star Reviews

From the Reviews page, use the star rating drop down to refine the list to only show you 1-star reviews. Have a read through as many as you can, as this is where you can see what’s really bugging your users.
1 star review example screenshot

Review Management Tip 5 – Leverage Your CRM

If you have a customer support team managing your reviews, you may find it easiest to manage your reviews inside your CRM, ticketing or chat tool.

You can set up Appbot integrations to automatically send new reviews directly to tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Slack and more as soon as they are fetched. You choose which reviews get sent, and which room, channel etc. they get sent to, or which teams they get assigned to.
review integrations list

If you need any further assistance on review management, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or check out our FAQ section here.

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